When is an
Online TEFL Course Okay?

In an ideal world everyone would take an in-classroom four-to-six-week TEFL training course.  But not everyone can afford to take the time off work and the heavy expense of such programs.  An online course is right for you if you are on a budget and if you can not stop working to take a full-time course.

Online courses are also useful as you can access them 24/7 and you can study at your own pace, spending more time on issues that you think are important and less on those that you easily master.

An online TEFL Certification course is right for you if you want to learn some good basic skills for teaching English and the ability to deliver knowledge and skills for which your students have paid.

Online courses are an excellent way to get your feet wet and explore whether you might like to head overseas to Teach English and see a bit of the world. 

Employers in China, the world's largest and growing TEFL jobs
market, accept online TEFL Certifications. 

Korea is the world's second largest TEFL jobs market and does
not require a TEFL certification, but you can often move to the front
of the queue by having one as most teachers
going to Korea have had no training at all.

Japan is the world's third largest employer of EFL teachers and is beginning to require TEFL certifications and accepts online certs.  So . . . there you go, the world's three largest employers (a big majority of the world's TEFL jobs) accept online certifications.

When might an Online TEFL Course
NOT be a good idea?

You should not take an online certificate course if you intend to teach in Europe, where full time in-classroom certifications are usually required.  

You should not take an online course to qualify for any teaching position that requires a full-time in-classroom course.

TEFL Program recommends TEFL Boot Camp for good quality online TEFL Training.  They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee (and they mean it!) and a lowest price guarantee. 

The course is not easy, but the fluff and filler of other courses have been removed - leaving only the most important concepts and ideas for you to focus on.

Much of the content is free, so go on over and take a look!

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