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TEFL Course Okay?


The Most Important Issues to Consider

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A Fast Track Grammar Review for EFL Teachers
No need to fear grammar any more!  This well known Grammar Review is humorous and light-hearted in its approach to grammar. No other grammar book can get you up to speed as quickly and easily as Fast Track.

Written by a teacher-trainer to get newbies up to speed FAST.

This eBook was used by the University of California - Irvine Campus - as part of their Education 134 Teaching English Internationally course.

Welcome to TEFL Program!

TEFL Program dot com is designed to help you make the best decision about a full in-classroom TEFL Certification Course.  

There is nothing wrong with Online TEFL Courses, they are excellent if you don't have the time or money for a "Full Monty" type course.  But if you have the time and money a 4-6 week full-time in the classroom type course is preferred.  They will help you gain confidence and a few jobs out there require a certification from a full-time course.

On this website you will learn how to determine if a TEFL Certification School/Program/Course is appropriate for you - and all the questions that you will need to ask to determine that answer.

TEFL Program dot com was written by an experienced TEFL Trainer and EFL Teacher and former Peace Corps Volunteer with a Masters Degree in Education and 20+ years experience living and working overseas in five different countries anywhere from about two to six years in each.  He has provided teacher training in Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Korea.

The core of this website is FIVE checklists with all the questions you
need to ask to find out if the school you are interested in is the "Real Deal"
and meets your needs.

The answer may well be different for each person
- as the checklists also look closely at what works BEST for YOU. 

You are encouraged to review ALL of the website, however,
and not just the checklists.

Here are your checklists for:

The TEFL School and TEFL Certification

Your Primary or Lead TEFL Course Instructor

Your Visa - Being in the Country Legally

Accommodation during your TEFL Certification Course

Guaranteed Jobs and Job Search Assistance


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